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Helen Chong

Recipe Hub

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Recipe Hub is a team project built by Tier 1 Team 1 from Chingu Voyage 46. I was part of this team along with two other developers.

Problem Solved

Recipe Hub allows users to search for recipes by by inputting ingredients. The search input is used to fetch recipe data from the Tasty API.

Technologies Used

Recipe Hub is built with HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript and the Tasty API.

Challenges Faced

The free tier of Tasty API has a limited quota of how much response we can fetch monthly. As we worked on this project, we quickly ran out of quota multiple times, and therefore we had to constantly change our API key.

Lessons Learned

Chingu Voyage was a big help to me for gaining practical experience in working on group projects, and learning both hard and soft skills. Particupating in the Chingu Voyage allowed me to practice not only my HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills, but also my teamwork and communication skills that are needed in group projects.

You can read more about my completion of Chingu Voyage 46 from my blog post: Chingu Voyage 46 Completed.